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समाचार, विचार, सुझाव और विज्ञापन के लिए इस ईमेल पर संपर्क करें-


  1. Hello sir/Madem.
    Its durgesh Tiwari from mumbai.

    I saw your youtube chennel sir. Its very nice sir very nice. The content and news you are uploading on your cahnnel its very good quality sir.

    Sir i Just want to let you know that i m bollywood content/news provider in mumbai.
    So if you need a bollywood news/ content for upload on your youtube channel or any other need so pls contact me any time sir.

    I will provide you all the bollywood news like press confrence, public review of movie relese, papa razi (celibrity spoted news), award show red carpet, means i can provide you all the celibrity news either its big or small.

    Our quality will be fulk HD. Very good quality like news channels.

    And sir All of these will be in very resonable price.

    So if you want to start a bollywood news portal on youtube so pls let me know.

    I will provide you some sample link for few days.

    Best regards
    Durgesh Tiwari

  2. आंखों पर पट्टी और हाथ में तराजू वाली प्रतिमा का अदालत में हम बहिष्कार करते हैं इस विषय पर न्याय दिलवाले में सहयोग करे

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